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tv   Listening Post  Al Jazeera  June 8, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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years since the allied invasion. in ukraine, residents of cities in the east are fleeing as the situation shows no signs of improving. in luhansk women and children have been evacuate odd a train that was paid for by the russian president vladimir putin. one person has been killed and three wounded in a shooting at a ded in a shooting at a hello. i am richard you gizberg. he script, the state of journalism, journalism that's gone to the dogs. what's with the fact-free reporting about north korea, sty land and turkey,
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countries were where life is difficult for reporter. whose webcam is it? yours or the nsa's? whatever side of the political divide egyptians find themselves on, whether they were for the interim military government or the muslim brotherhood, whether they thought an election in which the brotherhood was banned was legitimate or not, on this much, e job descriptions could agree. the. the vote had the drama of the elections that kept hosni mubarak in power for decades. there wasn't any. during campaign media outlets and not just those owned by the state provided a barrage favoring the general now known as president. abdel fatah el sisi known to supporters as the savior of the nation. when low turnout threatened to undermine that message, media outlets urged the public to get out and vote. critical voices have been hushed this past week. he script's top t.v. satrist yousef said his show would stay off of the air definitely.
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a plans to monitor social media sites for disseptember. the trial of this network's journalists accused of links to the muslim brotherhood, a story one angle in a wider geo political stand-off between egypt and qatar. he script is a story -- egypt has trumped freedom of expression. our starting point this week is cairo. >> the visual media remains the main stronghold of sisi. there is a combination between circus, a soap opera, comedy and all rolled into one. he script at the moment doesn't have a democracy. it has a democrasisi. that was apparent when the election results rolled in. journalists even on some privately owned channels started celebrating.
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>> we have been trying very much to cheer a particular candidate. in this case el sisi and try to paint the picture of his overwhelming popularity. so really, the media has been in a way mobilizing people rallying people behind this particular candidate but there was also a lot of moving away from reality and misrepresenting the facts. >> for the most part, most of the egyptian media tried to push people to come out and vote the success of the elections was the voter turnout. every single station irrespective of political leaning or ownership action most tried to rally people to come out into the streets this was the real key push for most of the stations. >> egyptian media has been practicing to cover
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elections now for three years or so in a different way from the past . they have done relatively well. there were some excess or some bias in some private t.v. channels. but the egyptian state media, they tried as much as possible to adhere to the neutrality and to be balanced. >> if state-owned t.v. really did try to do that, there are plenty of examples of where they failed. >> sounds like a new low water mark for critical journalism until egypt. but in some ways, the news media may be rediscovering their voices. take ibrahim esep, once a thorn in the side of the mubarak regime who opposed the muslim
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brotherhood regime of mohamed morsi. and then went all in on the coup that brought the interim military government to power. but when he took part in one of el sisi's campaign interviews, he showed signs of journalistic life. >> i was very gentle with him until el sisi started talking about you have to understand that the army knows best and so on. so turning to him said the army should be under supervision. >> so i see this in the mainstream media as a promising sign that especially with the relatively low man data that el sisi has that it will emboldep the media to be more critical. >> most of the discussion seems to imply all of the stations and newspapers support el sisi wholeheartedly.
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>> that's not the case. primary in print media, there are some newspapers that have taken sisi to task,one being sharute, an independent publication that hosts articles by columnists critical of el sisi and some supporting the muslim brotherhood and an online publication that is independent. most have continued to function but have not issued. they have seen circulation decline as the public becomes less and less interested in critical journalism. >> egyptians embraced al jazeera's critical journalism during the arab spring. the network's coverage primarily on its arabic news channel was blamed by the mumbarac register e-mail for playing a sentence tral role. three years later, al jazeera is seen by many egyptians, journalists includen as biased in favor of the muslim brotherhood. four employees are accused of cluing with the banned movement. the prosecution wants three
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al jazeera english defendants jailed for 15 years in the case journalists and media rights groups the world over have condemned as sham justice. when tahrir square was the story, was of what al jazeera and other networks broadcast came via social media through the images they sent and the news they broke over the net, egyptians drove the coverage. this past week, al watan based in cairo published leaked documents indicating the government plans to monitor social media on a mass scale. the interior minister confirmed that but insisted it will not expression. >> just having this by the security forces makes a lot of people reluctant to voice their opinions openly and freely because they know that they are being watched. >>, in itself curbs freedom of expression and freedom of the press and also curbs the freedom which we have been witnessing online which has been a trigger for political mobilization as well as a reflex of it. >> don't forget, also, something very important.
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the muslim brothers in their social media now, we will want to hijack this new democracy that is being built because during the muslim brotherhood, there was no democracy. believe me. there was no democracy. so give sisi a chance, and about the social media, in egypt, here, or outside, they will watch what is happening. if there is any transgression against all of this high-valued result. >> as for not infringing on civil liabilities, that's kind of a joke, even in societies like the united states. the snooping by security services has been a gratin fringement on civil liberties. so in egypt, big brother can really hurt activists and hurt journalists. i don't buy the justification that snooping is motivated solely by security concerns. if i am a terrorist and i want to plan an attack, they are not going to be advertising on
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facebook. so the real purpose is not foexecute but the inexecute of the state. >> our global village voices now on the election, the coverage, and the prospects for egyptian journalism. >> freedom of expression has suffered greatly over the course of modern egyptian history. i would say this period lies for the first time in the past of past few years, patrol from arrests of journalists, graffiti has been called a dishonoring of the flag. the mainstream media has begin up not only principles it once stood for but objectivity and whether it's for imagined gain, because they lack to see other options i don't know. >> egyptian media, they will continue to enjoy the security of a regime that supports them to say whatever they want and it's basically them saying
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whatever the regime wants. it's a mutual relationship between the regime and media. it's not a good relationship. ♪ >> al jazeera america's presents the system with joe burlinger observing a crime >> a shocking number of these eyewitnesses get it wrong >> how much would you remember? >> dark complected... medium height... you described most of the majority of the men in america >> sometimes witnesses get it right >> when you have an eyewitness to say i saw him do it, that is the best evidence. >> and sometimes sometimes they don't >> no one is listening to us... george is innocent... >> the system with joe burlinger only on al jazeera america real reporting that brings you the world. >> this is a pretty dangerous trip. >> security in beirut is tight. >> more reporters. >> they don't have the resources to take the fight to al shabaab. >> more bureaus, more stories. >> this is where the typhoon came ashore.
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giving you a real global perspective like no other can. >> al jazeera, nairobi. >> on the turkey-syria border. >> venezuela. >> beijing. >> kabul. >> hong kong. >> ukraine. >> the artic. real reporting from around the world. this is what we do. al jazeera america.
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beings can run off the rails... >> and at 10, don't miss the best the best of america tonight, in depth reports, with unique perspectives. >> what good could you be doing here? >> everybody has an opportunity.... >> tonight primetime, only on al jazeera america gentleman urn. >> time for listening post news bites. two weeks into thailand's arresting journalists and telling a story of psychological warfare. release the may 31st he had been held for six days. he tweeted before a news conference in bangkok, on my way to see the new dictator of thailand, hopefully the last. he said he was taken to a military camp along with officials of the ousted government. thai police are reportedly posing as journalists. it shows a man wearing press accreditation and a green arm band of the thai journalist association, the tja helping
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police apprehend a protester. he said it would have an immense impact on the safety and credibility of thethai sglefrp. >> ivan watson of cnn was reporting live on may 31st when this happened on it. achsen square. >> i think i am getting -- we are being detained right now. >> watson later said on twitter he was released after less than an hour and that the police apologized for kicking him but the prime minister was unapoljetic. according to the press, he told members watson was a lacky caught red handed and cnn doesn't care about a free press. they are assigned to work like spies. the international federation of journalists based in brussels, that turkey wants to join reports a number of journalists have been beaten by police in istanbul. a belologger in singapore has k
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started by using coloradoed sources. he doubles as a political blogger writing about the ruling people's action party on his blog, the heart truths, a post on may 15th landed him in trouble after he wrote of possible government corruption. lawyers for the prime minister called his post defamatory and said that the blogger's subsequent apology and his offer of about $4,000 u.s. dollars in damages were both unsatisfactory, which meant that the case was headed to court. he then turned to his readers to fund his case, posting an appeal dollars. he met that target within just four days and the money is still pouring in. gnerng told the new york committee to protect journalists. the singapore government has used a blank et cover of fear and silence. i am greatly this has happened. >> a "new york times" journalist who published u.s. government secrets is one step closer to prison now that the country's highest court decided it will
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not hear his appeal against a ruling he must reveal the name of a confidential source. the supreme court's ruling means jason ryeson will have to testify in the criminal trial against a former cia employee, jeffrey sterling accused of blowing the whistle on a secret program to provide iran with faulty plans for a nuclear bomb. >> information ended up in ryson's book, state of war, the secret history of the cia and the bush administration. ryson is a pull it certain prize center and said he would rather go to jail than reveal his source. it comes days after the house of represent tufts said journalists would be protected against divulge ping sources. it's a long way of becoming a american law. a similar amendment, a media shield law for journalists was approved in the house of representatives but later was shot down in the senate. if you were to try to conjure up a mental picture of north korea based upon what you see in the
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news media, you would have a country where this is a country where a hair style is a fashion icon and a lack could get you devoured. in the news industries, reports on north korea are often inaccurate and unverifiable. why would news outlets just eat up rumors and spit them out as headlines? is that a natural symptom on report okay a hermit kingdom that won't let them in or are there larger agendas at play. why so many run bizarre stories about north korea. >> north korea is like a black box. we don't see what's going on. to the outside involved, it's a place. >> rethroughsive north korea. >> full of things that go bang and boom. emotional.
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>> when the foreign media found a sensational story, they jump on that and reinforce the i am place. >> inside the strange world of north korea. >> if you just believe one source and write based on that source, then it becomes a wild story. there are so many wild stories. >> april, 2012, a par aide, a display of the country's military power. however, arms experts studying the footage identify horn out we hopeon re, outdated vehicles and inter continental bullistic mock ooze that look like mock-ups made for show. this kind of informed reporting on north korea is the exception rather than the rule. in august, last year, south korea ian newspaper reported that kim jung unhad his ex-girlfriend shot for involvement in pornography. "salon" and "the business
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insider" reported the news. >> just a month ago, the supposedly dead ex-girlfriend popped up on north korean television. the reports of her demise had been greatly exaggerated. in march, this year, bbc, radio free asia, the independent and a number of other outlets posted the story about north korean students being ordered to cut their hair like kim jung un. there were no facts to back that up. when his uncle was arrested last year, the pictures were broadcast on north korean television for the world to see. then, gruesome details began to make the rounds about how he was executed, supposedly devoured by hungry dogs. >> this news channel in india gave the story, the bollywood treatment. nbc news, the daily mail and the independent in u.k. and
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singapore's strait's times reported it. sky news in the u.k. did something different. they just asked north korea's ambassador to britain about it. >> how was he executed? because there has been a case and very wild reports that he might have been fed to the dogs. >> no. no. >> can you clear it up? >> well, he was shot to death. >> north korea is a country of 25 million people, one of om 8 in the world with nuclear weapons. you would expect the reporting to be, if not 100% accurate, at least a little more serious. >> north korea invents its own history and myth did. there are other people who have reasons to do for doing it, not least the south korea ians, japanese, chinese, people who have worked for them. most of it cannot be verified or not verified. >> the western media's perspective of according to dor e a is very negative. in addition, their knowledge of the country is shallow, and, therefore, the reports are inaccurate. japanese media outlets report
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everything, but with their own political spin. south korea ian news organizations are split between those who want to push favorably the image of north korea and many others who want to highlight the negative aspects of the country. >> north korea would like to tell us they have the strongest and best trained army in the world. there are reasons why the south korea ians would like us to think that might be true because they would like to keep defense budgets flowing as well. >> we report events with our own biases. hence, no media outlet can really be accurate about north korea. this selective reporting of north korea means it is impossible to get a balanced picture of the country. >> there are numerous outlets that track event did in north korea and try to fact check them. there is nk news, north korea
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leadership watch, kna watch, daily nk and a host of outfits in soeul. the did he if we can'tors often have an agenda. >> i try to double-check, meet with government officials as well as intelligence sources. i meet with credible dea defectors. a lot are not telling the truth and the media are writing stories based upon their t.v. testimonies and their contributions. >> if getting information out of north korea out is difficult, getting in is tougher which was why it was such a big deal when back in february, 2013, new york-based vice media filmed and entire series of an he sewed series in pyong yang. >> i was more than a bit freaked out. >> vice got in because it had a different idea. vice knew kim
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was about, it brought in a colorful player and the rest was t.v. history. most aren'tability offer a sweet photo op in exchange for access to north korea. they go cap and hand trying to get journalits n the vast majority are turned in. >> leads reporters on the inside looking in, trying to figure out the story from a distance. >> that's almost never a good formula for producing journalism that will informs. >> on an almost daily basis, i think the biggest mistake is with news editors who are impatient to get the story out and so it's actually pressure put on core respondence to report when journalists on the ground in the field don't feel they have enough to go on, their editors say, we are running with it anyway. slap together what you can because it's north korea and anything goes and there is no way to double-check a fact. so let's run with the fact that was put out today. >> firstly, i watch what north
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korea puts out and i pay particular attention to who is making the statement, whether it's the fortunately ministry spokesman, the committee for the peaceful unification of korea or the defense men industry. dpevenldzing upon who is speaking, you can assess what deliver. >> there is no mechanism sha editors and media outlets who run with these stories. so no one had to put out a front page story saying we got it wrong. the unchem was not fed to the dog. they ignore it. you got attention. the incentives are to keep publishing facehood. in the swirl of stories about executions that never really happened, hair styles that never got into fashion and nuclear weapons that don't exist, real news gets lost. >> we will spend time chasing our tail trying to work out where the story came from whether it's real or
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disinformation. i don't think we should. i think we should work on what we can verify, largely around the economy, around the missiles program and around any political intrigue that's going on that could end in a coup and a sudden collapse. who cares what erin had cuts collapses. >> more global village voices on fake stories from north korea. i am is concerned this could be the hacking incidents in south korea last year, the n hbank was crippled by a known group. there was no concrete evidence that it was behind the attack the government placed the blame on the north. in particular media would recall the rumor story. they sent clear coverage, lead koreans. >> i find north korea is
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vulnerable to the fake stor phenomenon. no one knows about it. so what little pieces we have we draw conclusions. they self propagate. we get to hear them probably 100th hand. they are fun to report on. i like reading them. it adds to the sort of allure of >> i'm joie chen, i'm the host of america tonight, we're revolutionary because we're going back to doing best of storytelling. we have an ouportunity to really reach out and really talk to voices that we haven't heard before... i think al jazeera america is a watershed moment for
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american journalism >> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax policy... the economy... iran... healthcare... ad guests on all sides of the debate. >> this is a right we should all have... >> it's just the way it is... >> there's something seriously wrong... >> there's been acrimony... >> the conservative ideal... >> it's an urgent need... and a host willing to ask the tough questions >> how do you explain it to yourself? and you'll get... the inside story ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america
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>> this, is what we do. >> al jazeera america.
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one of the things that edward snowden revealed about the national security agency is its spies can hijack your web cam to make sure you are behaving. jame vale is a comedian. he nsa the his friends and family infiltrating their computers creeping them out. he plays it for laughs. the underlying message is serious. this is spooky stuff, very big brother with nearly half a million hits online, nsa web cam spying frank is our web video of the week. we will see you next time.
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primetime news. >> welcome to al jazeera america. >> stories that impact the world, affect the nation and touch your life. >> i'm back. i'm not going anywhere this time. >> only on al jazeera america. >> hi everyone, this is al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton in new york. let's get you caught up on the top stories this hour. pakistan's busiest international airport under attack by gun men with armed grenades. 22 are dead. fighting continues in karachi. two police officers are ambushed, a bystander is killed. a former head of egypt is the military president. his calls for unity


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